Trump is right on energy

July 5, 2017

Keeping the lights on is a priority for every family and business in Iowa, and across the country. Because of this, the affordability and security of energy should be a priority for every leader in Washington. I was encouraged by our president, fresh off of visiting us in eastern Iowa last week, when he announced that his administration would focus on energy.

It’s fantastic how many sources of energy we utilize. While we are blessed in Iowa to have harnessed alternative energy sources, we have to make sure that we maintain a balance with more reliable sources. This means we have to ensure energy policy in the U.S. encouraging the utilization of traditional resources that this country was built on.

The administration’s support of the Keystone XL pipeline accomplishes this. The pipeline guarantees reliable, affordable energy to all Americans. While renewable energy is being developed, the vast majority of our energy needs can only be fulfilled by oil and natural gas.

In addition, as the president discussed this week....

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