Who Controls Our Energy Supply? YOU Do!!

July 20, 2011

On August 13th, Republicans from all over Iowa will convene in Ames to vote in the Iowa Straw Poll for the 2012 presidential election. Already, energy-minded citizens are organizing to travel together and take part in this event.

This is an important chance for you, the citizens of Iowa, to send your message to national candidates about American energy. The message is simple: We want leaders that recognize the importance of developing American energy resources which lead to more jobs as well as more state and local revenues.

Recognizing that all energy sources are important, we need to see what the candidates think and whether they support our state’s and our country’s needs.

Therefore, it is critically important for all citizens to be involved in the political process - to make your voices heard - because it is those we elect that will decide how American resources will best be utilized to secure our nation's energy and economic future.

The time is now!  Get involved and let the politicians hear your voice.

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