American Energy

America now occupies a position of energy leadership that was unthinkable a short time ago. These developments are strengthening America's energy and economic security and benefiting tens of millions of individuals. With both American and world energy demand expected to increase in the future, the continued availability of the full range of America's energy resources will continue to grow in importance.


Natural Gas


Renewable Fuel Standard

Sound regulations protect human health and the environment, while promoting economic development. Unfortunately, some regulations are not only harmful to the economy but also unnecessary for environmental protection.


New Ozone Rules

The EPA is proposing to reduce ozone limits to 65-70 parts per billion (ppb), even though the current standard of 75 ppb is still being implemented and is showing improvements. These newly proposed ozone regulations could put 1.4 million American jobs at risk every single year. We do not need to risk the jobs and economic impacts at a time when current regulations are still being implemented and working.


Energy Security

We live in an increasingly complex world in which dependence on foreign energy sources is a threat to our energy security -- and national security.